Delivery of the Work and Health Programme is shared by five providers, each serving a different geographical region of England and Wales.


Each provider is committed to bringing together local jobseekers and employers to find lasting solutions to their respective employment and recruitment needs.

This might include people who are classified as long-term unemployed or people with health conditions and disabilities that may have been preventing them from accessing work.

This site has been developed by The Prime Providers Partnership to make access to recruiting using the Work and Health Programme easier for employers.

About the Prime Providers Partnership

The partnership is comprised of Employer Services representatives from each of the five providers of the Work and Health Programme. Partners are chosen through tendering processes that quality assures their service. They are also subject to ongoing audit and compliance checks to ensure jobseekers and employers are receiving excellent support.

The Prime Provider Partnership meet regularly as a forum to share information and best practice, develop employer links and review our service. Our aim is to ensure consistent quality and access to recruitment through the Work and Health Programme across all of England and Wales.

Considering sharing a role?

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